Cycle: Infinite. Video performance, looping. 2014.


Artist Statement for Fracture:

“If a crystal is thrown to the ground, it will break into pieces, not in a random way, but according to specific fault-lines which, although they are invisible, have been predetermined by the structure of the crystal.”  -Sigmund Freud

The brain is unique in its existence as an organ comprised of cells as well as a meta-cognitive entity which encompasses infinite characteristics of human thought. It is impossible, however, to distill the physical vs. psychological aspects of a person when considering identity, a notion that directly negates the classic “nature vs. nurture” thesis of identifying the origins of human behavior. It is now widely accepted that it is nature with nurture that truly describes who we are as individuals, thus, it is incomprehensible to attempt to disentangle the two. Fracture is a look at the fragility of the mind in both a psychological and physiological sense. The vulnerability of the literal organ is easily imagined: disease, disorder, injury, and so on. The alternative however, is much more abstract and perhaps therefore more easily overlooked, but still ever present in the forms of depression, stress, anxiety, etc.  Freud’s metaphorical comparison of mind to crystal reflects the core concept of Fracture and offers a visual framework for conceptualizing the essence of who and what we are: a network of electrical synapses, an infinite range of emotions, a pulpy mass of tissue, a predetermined equation, and a being with unpredictable change of endless possibility.